Process framework

Every time a project is presented, a functionality or a platform to design, I run through this series of steps.


Customer Problem

Before you get started with any project, you need to understand the user problem, because the user problem is the business goals.


Research Competitors

Before the give begining a anything idea you have to research our competition. How other people and other brand are solving the problem?


Personas / Persona goals

Empathy is at the heart of design. How understanding our users? Without an understanding of what others see, feel, and experience, the design is a pointless task.


User Scenario / Story Map

When is he/she going to use your product?. What conflict she/he has? What is the ideal scenario? How customer reacted at diferent steps in the sales process?


Hipothesis & MVP

Declare assumptions to turn them into hypotheses.

MVP is the smallest development that can be built to validate a hypothesis.



Ideation is an interactive and collaborative method to explore all of the possible solutions, good and bad, before narrowing down what ideas to move forward whith
Do actions that can change behaviors.



A prototype is a simulation of the final product. Basically, it’s a version of a product that takes us as close as possible to a good representantion of an application or website.



Test: Put ideas in front of users, get their feedback and refine the design. It’s important to understand that the earlier you test, the easier it is to make changes.



Elaboration. Chose the best platafform that will be adaptative for your bussiness

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